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2020-12-13Product Lifecycle Visualized
2020-12-04Productivity and Collective Action
2020-11-20Management Skills
2020-11-02A Lightweight Process for Lesson Teams
2020-10-17Australian Wildlife
2020-10-12Circular Imports
2020-10-02I Have Opinions
2020-09-14We're Creating the Future
2020-09-13Static Lesson Generators
2020-09-10Ten Quick Tips for Teaching with Participatory Live Coding
2020-09-01What Every Community Needs
2020-08-16Give It All Away
2020-08-13How to Run a Meeting
2020-08-09Further Thoughts from a Not-So-Influential Educator
2020-08-08A Better Learning Platform
2020-08-07Hi Greg, It's Your Conscience Speaking
2020-08-04Research Educators
2020-07-30Wanted: A Notation for 'Why'
2020-07-30Save the Humans
2020-07-28Announcing Glosario
2020-07-26Presentable, the Two Sigmas, and Customer Support
2020-07-18Good Trouble
2020-07-09Thoughts from a Not-So-Influential Educator
2020-06-20June 2020 Papers
2020-06-09Three by Two
2020-05-27Marble Race
2020-05-24Sunday Nights
2020-04-06Teaching Code Review
2020-03-30SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award
2020-02-06JavaScript for Data Science
2020-01-13The Doors Are Quiet Now
2020-01-11Half a Century
2020-01-07Goodbye, Mum
2020-01-04A Model Experiment
2020-01-03Data Science Theory vs. Practice