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2022-12-29The Fourth Tradition
2022-12-28Ways to Explain Code
2022-12-28Six for the To-Don't List
2022-12-28Reading List
2022-12-28First Copy
2022-12-24Comes Round Again
2022-12-19Negotiation Tactics
2022-12-17The Compassionate Programmer
2022-12-14Teaching in the Third Dimension
2022-12-10This Year's Books
2022-12-04I Want a Memory Diagram Generator
2022-12-01Software Design in Python Glossary
2022-11-30What I Want for Code in Textbooks
2022-11-21Software Design by Example Personas
2022-11-20Journal of Comprehensible Explanations
2022-11-18Still Trying
2022-11-18Debuggable Explanations
2022-11-15Support On Spec
2022-11-13The Notebook Not Taken
2022-11-13A Combinatoric Geometry Problem
2022-11-09Getting Closer
2022-11-01Listening Means Changing Your Mind
2022-10-29Learning Objectives for Teaching Workshop
2022-10-29I Don't Know What to Teach
2022-10-29Escape From the Rest of Us
2022-10-26Software Design Homework
2022-10-24Software Design by Example
2022-10-21GitHub Copilot Investigation
2022-10-02Empirically Minimal
2022-09-24The Least Assholish Person
2022-08-30Software Engineering Research Topics
2022-08-25Thoughts on the Hippocratic License
2022-08-14Empirical Software Engineering Vignettes
2022-08-11Slides for Teaching Tech Together
2022-08-10Hard Problems
2022-08-07The Sisyphus Test
2022-07-23Side by Side
2022-07-09Poynting Collector
2022-06-20How to Write a Technical Book (Part 2)
2022-06-20Dev Ed Book Club
2022-06-19How to Write a Technical Book
2022-05-14The Wes Mongtomery of Software
2022-05-08A Language for Teaching
2022-04-30Four Books I'm Not Writing (Plus One)
2022-04-21Software Design by Example
2022-02-2512 Quick Tips for Software Design
2022-02-01What I Would Change in Lox for Teaching
2022-01-16A Cacaphony of Explanations
2022-01-06In the Karaband