Governance: The Buck Stops Here

Governance: The Buck Stops Here

This project uses the buck stops here rules for making decisions, also known as benevolent dictator for life. The first section below describes these rules; the second lists decisions made to date.

Making Decisions

  1. __ is the project lead (PL) and has final say on all decisions in this project. They may consult when and as they think best, but any votes they call are purely advisory.

  2. The PL may delegate authority in whole or in part to anyone at any time, and revoke any such delegation at their discretion.

  3. To request a decision from the PL, file an issue in this repository tagged “discussion”.

  4. All decisions, including delegation or revocation of authority, will be recorded in this file.

  5. The PL can change these rules at any time, and will announce changes in the project’s blog and by updating this file.

Recording Decisions

Decisions that have been made are listed below in reverse chronological order. Each entry contains:

  • the date the decision was made,
  • the decisions’s one-line summary, and
  • a link to the decision’s issue in GitHub.