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Give The Patrons What They Want

Interesting article: I’d never heard of patron-driven acquisition before, but the basic idea is one that other services could borrow: [L]ibraries will load a...
October 20, 2010

Peter Norvig on Python

Peter Norvig, the author of one of the standard textbooks on AI, and now at Google, has this to say about Python:
October 19, 2010

They’re All Small Devices Now

I noticed a book on the shelves at Scimatic last week called Small Memory Software: Patterns for systems with limited memory, by Noble and Weir. It took me ...
October 18, 2010

Ratings Revised

We asked, you answered: here are the latest results from our survey of what topics you'd most like us to cover, with links to the ones that have been posted....
October 17, 2010

Nature Article on Scientific Programming

Nature has just published an article by Zeeya Merali titled "Computational science: ...Error" that looks at what's wrong with scientific computing today. Sof...
October 14, 2010