Years ago, I lost my temper while arguing with my brother, and said, "Jeff, I could teach you everything I know and you'd still be an idiot." Please keep that in mind as you read this site.

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Congratulations to Jorge Aranda

Jorge Aranda successfully defended his PhD thesis this morning. It’s the culmination of several years of thought-provoking work; I look forward to more great...
August 06, 2010

It Only Looks Like Magic

A couple of days ago, I asked a question about generating tests for Nose. Jacob Kaplan-Moss (of Django fame) provided a elegant answer that I can understand ...
August 05, 2010

Python in CS1 is Growing Fast

From Mark Guzdial’s ever-informative blog: I just got a report...on the state of the Python CS1 market. The market size is estimated to be about 20,300 st...
August 05, 2010


UCOSP is “Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects”, a program whereby undergrad (and grad) students from universities all across Canada can work together...
August 05, 2010