Years ago, I lost my temper while arguing with my brother, and said, "Jeff, I could teach you everything I know and you'd still be an idiot." Please keep that in mind as you read this site.

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First Gov 2.0 Class

The first class in my Government 2.0 consulting course was held yesterday in a sauna in the International Students’ Centre. Dave Wallace, head of IT for the...
September 15, 2009

Partial Outline of New Version of Course

I have put a mostly-complete draft of my ideas for a rewrite of the course online. This version would start with specific problems, then backfill the tools ...
September 15, 2009

Videos from Gov 2.0 Summit

http://gov2summit.blip.tv/posts — the hype-to-implementation ratio is higher than I’d like, but there’s still lots of good stuff here.
September 14, 2009

You Can Tell It’s the Start of Term…

…because I’m reduced to posting links instead of thoughts: EtherPad's TimeSlider looks very cool. DSL Testing Studio: I've argued for a while that testing...
September 13, 2009