Years ago, I lost my temper while arguing with my brother, and said, "Jeff, I could teach you everything I know and you'd still be an idiot." Please keep that in mind as you read this site.

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If you have my Firefly DVDs, and/or my copy of Serenity, please put up your hand. OK, now put it back on the keyboard and send me email.
January 18, 2008

Yahoo to Support OpenID

The title says it all. We really need to get OpenID support into DrProject…
January 18, 2008

We Get Requests

As I mentioned a few days ago, we’ve started converting DrProject’s interface to Dojo. We like the look and feel a lot, but were finding it very slow (sever...
January 17, 2008

Where My Life Goes

I’m supposed to spend 9-10 every morning getting my programming skills back up to par. Instead, I have become a mail relay. Here’s a count of messages sent ...
January 17, 2008