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Every Step You Take

This, via Bruce Schneier: for US$250, you can build a device that will electronically track anyone using Nike’s latest toy-for-rich-people.
December 12, 2006

Google Research: Best Videos of 2006

A list of videos has been posted on the Google Research blog. Lots of good stuff here, including “How to Survive a Robot Uprising”, and Bil Lewis on reversib...
December 12, 2006

Wirfs-Brock on Explaining Your Design

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock’s latest column in IEEE Software is titled “Explaining Your Design”. She posits a hierarchy of importance in explanation: things you...
December 11, 2006

Address Book Recommendations?

I recently started using Thunderbird as an email client, and while I like its interface, I’m not happy with its address book. In particular, you can only sa...
December 11, 2006