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Google Code Jam

Google’s Code Jam is a coding competition with $165,000 in prize money. The schedule is: Qualification round: Tuesday, Sept 5 Round 1 (1000 participants)...
August 15, 2006

DrProject 1.1 Screencast

A screencast highlighting some of the features of the next release of DrProject is now available. There wasn’t room to include the nifty web-based administr...
August 14, 2006

ITiCSE’06 Readings

As I’ve said before, one of the nice perks of working for a university is free access to journals and conference proceedings. (And as I’ve also said before, ...
August 14, 2006

Brian Hayes on Social Networking

A good (and topical) article by Brian Hayes on how graph theory and social networking studies can be used to detect plots.
August 11, 2006