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Declare Victory and Move On

Thanks to Noah Lockwood, I have a workaround for the PNG printing problem in the Software Carpentry notes: get rid of the transparency, and use a colored bac...
May 04, 2006

Software Carpentry 1111

Revision 1111 of Software Carpentry just went into the repository. All the images are now there (thanks, Nick), along with code fragments and exercises (not...
May 03, 2006

DemoCamp6 Signup

The signup for DemoCamp6 is now on the web; exact date should be firmed up Real Soon.
May 01, 2006

Corrections Done

All the outstanding minor corrections to the Software Carpentry notes have now been made; there are still 21 diagrams outstanding, but they should be in by S...
April 28, 2006