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The list of Helium dependencies is growing longer by the day. What I've found interesting, however, has been our decisions about when we're going to incorpo...
July 21, 2004

Up and to the Right

I spent a twenty minutes this morning throwing together a couple of Python scripts to measure Helium's progress over time. The first script checks Helium ou...
July 21, 2004

A Sense of Adventure

According to Larry Wall, the inventor of Perl, three characteristics distinguish good programmers: laziness, impatience, and hubris. Of these, I think hubri...
July 16, 2004

Microsoft Wins Because They Deserve To

Now that I have your attention (as I'm sure I do with a title like that ;-) ... Five items came across my screen this morning that made me think, yet again, ...
July 10, 2004

Smart Views vs Model Facades

The Helium team hit a milestone last week: they demoed working pages, backed by a persistent store. It may sound pretty tame, but when you consider that none...
July 04, 2004