Late Night Thoughts
on Listening to Ike Quebec

Greg Wilson

May 2018

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Carpentries Staff
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To Do:

2018-12-17: write Carpentry talk.

2018-01-01: write Carpentry talk.

2018-02-01: write! Carpentry! talk!

2018-02-19: why is this so hard???

The End of the Day

1. Be sure you mean it.

2. Do it when others think it's time.

3. Tell people what, when, and why.

4. Don't pick a successor by yourself.

5. Train them before you go.

6. When you leave, leave.

7. Have some fun before you go.

8. Reflect on what you learned.

9. Remember the good things too.

10. Do something next.

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Carl Sagan

If you wish to make
an apple pie from scratch,
you must first invent the universe.

— Carl Sagan


Nothing worth having
comes without some kind of fight.

— Bruce Cockburn
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Recommended Reading

Barker et al: "What Influences CS Faculty to Adopt Teaching Practices?" 10.1145/2676723.2677282, 2015.

Bauer et al: "An Introduction to Implementation Science for the Non-Specialist." 10.1186/s40359-015-0089-9, 2015.

Borrego & Henderson: "Increasing the Use of Evidence-Based Teaching in STEM Higher Education: A Comparison of Eight Change Strategies." 10.1002/jee.20040, 2014.

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Remember, you still have a lot of good times in front of you.
— Jeff Wilson

Thank you.

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