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Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

Co-founder and first Executive Director of Software Carpentry
Co-founder of It Will Never Work in Theory and The Architecture of Open Source Applications
ACM SIGSOFT Influential Educator of the Year
Co-winner, Jolt Award, Best General Book
Member, Python Software Foundation
Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh
Author or editor of over a dozen books on programming and two for children



Software Design by Example: A Tool-Based Introduction with JavaScript is now available for purchase. All royalties from book sales will go to support the Red Door Family Shelter in Toronto; you can read the book online or give feedback on GitHub.

Software Design by Example is the book I'll recommend to every new dev… It is nice to you. It wants you to succeed… It's a bridge from "learn to program" to working programmer.
Jessica Kerr
I am v much enjoying gvwilson's book Software Design by Example. It makes me miss teaching, it would be such a fun text to use!
Jenn Schiffer

Research Software Engineering with Python

A textbook on building research software and running research software projects (2021).

JavaScript for Data Science

An introduction to JavaScript and web programming for data scientists (2020).

Teaching Tech Together

An introduction to evidence-based teaching for people with technical backgrounds (2019, slides).

It Will Never Work in Theory

Brief reviews for working programmers of empirical results in software engineering (2011–present).

The Architecture of Open Source Applications

A collection of essays describing the architectures of fifty open source projects (2011–12).

The Carpentries

A non-profit organization teaching basic software and data skills to researchers world-wide (1998–present).

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