Short Fiction

And Should I Fall Behind

And Should I Fall Behind

On Spec, Winter 2021

The older brother (who would always think of himself that way) shouldered his pack. He looked up at the orange sun, dying but not yet dead, and set off to find out what would happen next.


On Spec Summer 2010

On Spec, Summer 2010

"I didn't fall," she whispered. The world was so quiet that everyone around could hear her clearly. "I didn't have an accident. I had him."

Controlled Release

On Spec Winter 2007

On Spec, Winter 2007

There it is in your gut: that feeling again. Fear, revulsion–it doesn't matter what it is. For the first time, you feel something, and you want more.

…But With a Whimper

On Spec Fall 2007

On Spec, Fall 2007

The young man shook his head. "No poison, no bombs, not for you," he told the great detective. "No, for you, I have a whole new type of crime."

Children's Books

Three Sensible Adventures

Three Sensible Adventures

I wrote these stories for my niece Allison's eighth birthday; they were published by Annick Press in 1999.

Bottle of Light

Bottle of Light

Published by Scholastic Canada in 2008 as part of their Grade 5 Guided Reading series. I hope I can share it with you some day.

Picture Books

Keeya's Numbers

Keeya's Numbers

Once upon a time a little girl was born. This is the story of the numbers that were born with her–where they came from, how they moved from place to place, who used them and fixed them and how they met other numbers until finally, one day, they were called home.
By Desirée De Leon & Greg Wilson.

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And Then

And Then…

In the beginning there was a great Big Bang, so powerful that the whole universe is still expanding. This is the story of what happened afterward, of the Earth and life and civilization and maybe, just maybe, of what comes next.
By Ellen Hsiang & Greg Wilson.

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In Progress


Once upon a time, a young puppet named Still lived in a city full of wonders. This is the story of the worst thing that ever happened to her: about violins and gargoyles, glass rats and friendship, and in the end, about---ah, but that would be telling…

The Bookster's Apprentice

Take a mountain, lift it into the air, and set it adrift: that is Avaunt. But look closer—there, in a village on its starboard flank. A girl is running for her life. She just felt the mountain shake for the first time in centuries, but that's not what she's afraid of…

Beneath Coriandel

A young man descends into the crypts beneath the city, a talking horse foils a robbery, a ghost remembers how he earned his name, and a magician wonders why she can't get an old nursery rhyme out of her head.

Tuppence a Bag

"The pigeon takes one last look at her three younger selves, together in this moment and forever…"

Maddy Roo

Another story for ages 9-10 about a young kangaroo battling killer robots.


A story for ages 9-10 about a courageous fairy, a ninja cat, some robot dinosaurs, and a couple of spaceships.