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  1. Introduction
  2. Systems Programming
  3. Asynchronous Programming
  4. Unit Testing
  5. File Backup
  6. Data Tables
  7. Pattern Matching
  8. Parsing Expressions
  9. Page Templates
  10. Build Manager
  11. Layout Engine
  12. File Interpolator
  13. Module Loader
  14. Style Checker
  15. Code Generator
  16. Documentation Generator
  17. Module Bundler
  18. Package Manager
  19. Virtual Machine
  20. Debugger
  21. Conclusion
  1. License
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Contributing
  4. Bibliography
  5. Glossary
  6. Credits
  7. Index

Chapter 21: Conclusion

We have come a long way since we listed the contents of a directory in Chapter 2. Saving files in version control, making sure code meets style rules, debugging it and bundling it (hopefully in that order)—programmers do these things every day, and we hope that understanding how they work will help you do them better.

We also hope that your journey won’t stop here. If you would like to add a chapter to this book or translate it into another programming language, human language, or both, your help would be very welcome: please see the introduction in Chapter 1 and the contributors’ guide in Appendix C for more information.

We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.

— Marshall McLuhan