Canadian Undergraduate Software Engineering Conference

I spent Saturday at CUSEC 2005, where I met some interesting people, gave a couple of talks [1, 2], and marveled once again at how well Carleton University has managed to reproduce the neo-brutalist architecture I remember from my 1988 trip to Moscow.

It was an interesting conference: created and run by students, with an interesting mix of presentations from profs, grads, and undergrads. The only disappointment was discovering that there wasn’t a single student attending from U of T. UNB, several Montreal-area universities, both of Ottawa’s, Waterloo, and McMaster were well represented, but not Toronto. Maybe Ottawa is just too cold for decadent southern Ontarians… ;-)

So, a big thank-you to Chris Donaldson, Mike Smith, and the rest of the organizers for inviting me up, and for a job well done—I hope to see you next year.

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