DrProject kickoff

We had our first on-line meeting about DrProject today. (I’ve decided that the one we had in December was the zero’th ;-). The meeting itself went pretty well, though I’m very conscious of how little time we actually have to get things done: one month is going to fly by. I’m also a little embarrassed that I didn’t make time over the holiday to clean up the DrProject Subversion repository: what Chris, Sean, and Jason are inheriting looks a bit like the remains of a moving-out party. The current task list is in the meeting minutes; the biggest items are:

  1. refactoring (including bringing in changes from Trac);
  2. packaging things up as Eggs to simplify installation;
  3. rewriting the Wiki formatting engine;
  4. replacing ClearSilver with Kid; and
  5. rewriting the authorization system.

One thing that struck me during the meeting was how much time we spent synchronizing. Are we done with this point? Does anyone have anything else to say? (Long pause.) OK, let’s move on to—oops, no, it looks like someone does have another question (which is now unfortunately interleaved with discussion of the next point). One way to fix this would be to support threading in IM clients. Another, which I think would work better socially, would be to build in support for voting. Participants ought to be able to click “Call a vote”, type in their question, and have it pop up in everyone’s client with yes/no (or +1/0/-1) buttons. As you vote, you should be able to see who else has voted, so that laggers could be prompted, and disagreements aired. Drawing a line under part of the discussion would then be as simple as asking, “Are we done?” and watching the clicks come in.