George Cukor, Hugo Weaving, and Gene Kelly

According to's facial recognition software, the three celebrities I resemble most are the director George Cukor, the actor Hugo Weaving (OK, I can live with that), and the dancer Gene Kelly. Numbers 4, 5, and 6 are Kevin Mitnick, Noam Chomsky, and Michael Caine; make of it what you will.

Coincidentally, I'm reading Bruce Sterling's new manifesto, Shaping Things. In it, he describes a near future full of "spimes": physical objects with electronic identities, sensors, and communications gear that will turn us all into ad hoc designers. "You won't look for your shoes in the morning, you'll google them." MyHeritage's site is just one more example of what next-generation search interfaces will look like (and yes, I do believe the rumors that Google's working on a system that will search for tunes based on you humming or whistling a few bars...).

So, want to be rich, famous, and popular? Figure out (a) what kinds of rich search interfaces will be most useful to programmers, and (b) what kind of programming system(s) will give Jon Udell's Aunt Tillie the abilitiy to use all this stuff. I suspect the answers will be very similar...