What It Takes to Get Eclipse Out the Door

These stats on the development of Eclipse 3.1 (via Prof. Dave Wortman at the University of Toronto) show what it takes to get something that size out the door:

  • Days in the Eclipse 3.1 development period: 365
  • Decrease in size of the SDK installed footprint (from 3.0, 32KB block size): 6,688 KB
  • Committers: 133
  • Lines of Java source code: 2,425,709
  • Java source files: 11,548
  • Lines of XML source code: 57,533
  • Builds delayed by fire (Oregon): 1
  • Builds broken by lightning strike (Beirut and Ottawa): 2
  • Most tests for a single component (JDT Core): 17,764
  • Bugzilla bug or enhancement reports entered: 21,831
  • Bugzilla reports resolved (fixed, wontfix, duplicate, etc): 20,789
  • Bugzilla reports fixed: 9,871
  • Number of bug reports written entirely in verse (#100918 and #100924): 2

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