DemoCamp7 (and 8, and 9)

DemoCamp7 was held last night in a pub downtown. It started late (A/V issues), and while there was a good crowd, I was a little let down by the demos themselves: Cameron Browning’s home-made data glove and 3D web site visualizer felt kind of 1990s, and all we got to see of Paruba, FeelingBullish, and Domainer’s page-building tool was the UI, not the technology behind it. Damien Conway’s lightning tour of Perl 6 was entertaining, but please, could they do some usability studies before letting people overload the letter ‘d’ as an operator? That said, it was a good crowd, and I enjoyed seeing how people were using AJAX, Ruby On Rails, and other shiny new toys. DemoCamp8 and DemoCamp9 are already filling up; look forward to seeing you all there. Note: Damien is talking tonight (Wednesday, July 5, 2006) at 6:30 pm in Room 1180 of the Bahen Building at the University of Toronto, 40 St. George St. Everyone is welcome.

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