Possible CSC49X Projects for Fall 2006

All very tentative, but here are some of the options:

  • Add more features to RedInk, the online marking and code review system we've built over the past twelve months. (Now full)
  • Building a plugin for Blackboard to calculate and display statistics on the grades being given out by TAs in large courses (Java programming, lots of integration, customer is profs at U of T).
  • Building a map-based visualization of data about theatre performers and playwrights in Shakespearean England for the Drama Dept. and the library (DreamWeaver, web programming, GIS).
  • Adding new features to DrProject (Python web programming). There are lots of possibilities here, ranging from user-centered views to a progress dashboard to continuous integration tools and real-time documentation generation.
  • Extending Languify, an open source web-based tool for managing translation and internationalization (Ruby On Rails, web programming). The customer here is a local software startup called Savvica; a student has built a first version this summer, and there's a lot of interest.
  • Help the folks at CAISI integrate hospital information systems to help the homeless. This one would mostly be Java; it's a very good cause.
  • Work with Digital Ketchup to build a REST web services interface to a tool that combines data from email and customer relationship management software.
  • Add some features to BlogScope to integrate with other data sources, and do some of the AI and pattern matching more efficiently.
  • Sort out the mess that is date/time representation in Python's database interface libraries.

If you’re at U of T, have at least two 300-level courses in CS, and a good GPA (3.0 or higher), I’d like to hear from you…