CASCON Workshops

CAS is IBM’s Centre for Advanced Studies; CASCON is an annual gathering of Canadian computer scientists and others that it organizes. Attendance is free, and there are some very interesting workshops this year. Here are a few highlights: Monday Oct 16

  • Agile for All: Supporting the Human Element in Agile Development
  • AJAX (morning: intro; afternoon: the DOJO toolkit)

Tuesday Oct 17

  • Writing for the Web
  • Building a Ruby on Rails Application with DB2 Express
  • Leveraging CELL: Proven Techniques, Common Issues and New Applications
  • Tools for Managing Crosscutting Concerns

Wednesday Oct 18

  • Social Computing: Best Practices
  • Sense and Response Applications

Thursday Oct 19

  • Third International Symposium on Software Engineering Course Projects
  • Women in Technology: New Strategies to Attract a New Generation of Girls

The last two are the ones I most want to attend; it’s a shame they’re scheduled opposite one another.

Hope to see you there!