DemoCamp 10: Congratulations

DemoCamp 10 was held last night, and three of the five presentations were from U of T. Sana Tapal (now at Jonah Group) and Andrey Petrov led off with the Online Marking tool; Jonathan Lung (who was part of the student team that presented at DemoCamp 5) showed us all how productive PHP procrastination can be; and Sacha Chua tried to convince us that Emacs isn’t actually bad for you. The other two demos were a social networking/quotes site called, and Broken Tomb, which advertises itself as the world’s first commercial Smalltalk host. There wasn’t any new technology, but the presenters were entertaining, and it was fun to read the stuff that flashed by on the screen during their demo; the Smalltalk demo had a lot of technical and other difficulties.

I was really pleased to see such a good turnout from the university, and even more pleased that our students were just as polished as the pros. DemoCamp 11 is on Monday, November 20; along with a news aggregators and wikis, we’re going to see SSL certificate provisioning and Andrew Reynolds talking about Selenium. Hope to see you there…

Later: Thuan Ta has posted a video of the OLM demo. Grainy, but the audio is pretty good ;-)