CSC49X Projects for Winter 2007 (final)

Week 11, and most of the projects for next term have been lined up. Here’s the current road map:

  • The Online Marking tool, which gives TAs the ability to mark up student code on the web. This is now being used in a couple of courses, and there was lots of interest at DemoCamp in modifying it to work as a general online code review tool. Lillian Angel, Martin Williams, and Jane Shen will be working under the direction of Jennifer Campbell.
  • We're also visualizing generalogical data for REED, the Records of Early English Drama project, using Flash, asynchronous XML, and other sexy technologies. Apple Viriyakattiyaporn, Melissa Luu, and Lisa Ly will be doing the work.
  • Prof. Stephen Strother's team at the Rotman-Baycrest is studying the effects of strokes and other impairments on elderly patients; they have lots of data, and need a Java GUI for looking at it. David Wright and Richard Zhou will be building one for him.
  • Andrey Petrov and Maria Khomenko will be fixing up some file locking issues in SQLite. I'm pretty excited about this one, as it'll be only the second time a 49X team has been contributing directly to a major open source project.
  • David Chen, Winson Chung, and Mikhail Temkine are going to help Paul Gries get VPython and a graphics package into shape for use in the new CSC120 course.
  • Debbie Winter and Rick Valenzano are going to study game theory and evolution under the direction of Gary Baumgartner.
  • Muhammad Ali will build the information visualization half of a status dashboard for DrProject.

15 students, 7 projects (8 if you count Igor Foox’s field trials of UTest, and 9 if you count ongoing enhancements of DrProject). I’m looking forward to it…