DrProject 1.2 RC 1

I’m pleased to announce that DrProject 1.2 is now up and running on the server we use for student projects. Thanks to David Scannell and Greg Lapouchnian, it has cross-project views of tickets and events, and a cleaner web-based administration interface (which unfortunately you can’t see unless you’re an administrator ;-). We will prepare the usual tarball once we’re sure it’s all stable, and announce its availability here.

We also had a very good meeting on Friday with faculty, students, and representatives from Radiant Core, the Jonah Group, and Engenuity to discuss re-designing DrProject’s ticketing system so that it can act as a low-overhead to-do list for short-lived student assignments, while also meeting the needs of longer-lived projects in research and industry. We hope to have a design ready in time for it to be implemented over the summer; between now and then, we’re hoping to clean up the existing code, get the unit testing up to scratch, and simplify the installation. If you have time on your hands, can program in Python, and would like to take part, please drop us a line.

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