Research in Action: W00t!

The Computer Science department held its first showcase for local industry last Thursday. The room was packed, and there were lots of good conversations around and between the demos, which included:

  • iTrustPage (an anti-phishing tool)
  • BlogScope
  • modelling complex financial instruments
  • automatically captioning images
  • learning maps from images
  • pressure-sensitive pen interaction
  • a requirements modeling language
  • a video-based tool for tracking people
  • a data cleaning tool
  • AI to help people with mental disabilities in the home
  • a tool for visualizing protein interaction networks (which a 49X student worked on last summer); and
  • the ePresence teleconferencing system

Kudos to Hilda Jerina, Sara Burns, and especially Sara Franca, the department’s new communications manager, for pulling it all together. If you have blogged about it, or see a review anywhere, please let me know.

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