The Summer Team

It has been another eventful week—and it’s still only Thursday. We’re very pleased to announce the lineup for this summer’s team:

Thanks to a generous donation from Nitido, Alex Krizhevsky and David Wolever will be working full-time on DrProject. They will be joined by Jeff Balogh (from the University of Central Florida) and David Cooper, both of whom have won Google Summer of Code awards. Jeff and David will focus on making the ticketing system expand on demand, while Alex and David will—well, check out the current tickets, and tell us what you’d like to see most.

Xiaoyang Guan also picked up an SoC; he’ll be extending Mylar, a plugin for Eclipse, so that users can edit wiki pages in the IDE. This, combined with Mylar’s existing support for editing and filing tickets, will let Eclipse users work with DrProject seamlessly.

Martin Williams and Tony Yiu will be working on OLM, an online marking tool that uses AJAX and other nifty technologies to support over-the-web grading of programming assignments. Florian Shkurti will work beside on an OLM-compatible plugin for Eclipse, so that students can view markers’ comments right in the IDE. Martin and Tony are being supported by the University of Toronto, the Jonah Group, and Idee; Florian is another Google Summer of Code award winner.

Pardis Beikzadeh, who is also being supported by the university, will work on UTest, a reverse test oracle that allows students to run unit tests against instructors’ sample solutions to exercises, without actually seeing those solutions. This project is still in its early stages, but we’re pretty excited about the possibilities.

It promises to be quite a summer…

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