Guidance on Undergraduate Software Projects

As announced previously, U of T is bringing in two new software engineering courses starting in 2007-08. Team projects will play a large part in both, so I’m looking for student-friendly guides to project management. I know of three books and one online resource that focus specifically on this topic:

  1. Dawson: The Essence of Computing Projects -- A Student's Guide (Prentice-Hall, 1999, 013021972X). Focuses on research projects, rather than development, but does have some material on project planning.
  2. Fincher, Petre, and Clark (eds): Computer Science Project Work (Springer, 2001, 185233357X). Surveys the types of projects students can do, rather than providing how-to advice.
  3. Ludi: Student Survival Guide to Managing Group Projects 2.5 (, viewed April 23, 2007). This one focuses mostly on group dynamics, dealing with couch potatoes, and so on.
  4. Ricketts: Managing Your Software Project: A Student's Guide (Springer, 1998, 3540760466). More on development than Dawson, but still very traditional in its outlook (e.g., favors planning over agility); includes some useful discussion of group dynamics.

I’m sure there must be more out there, but Google and Amazon aren’t turning anything up. I’d welcome pointers or suggestions — it’s tempting just to crib from “grownup” books, but I know from experience that undergrad projects are different from their industrial counterparts, and I’d like 301 and 302 to run as smoothly as possible the first time out.

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