User Interface Jam Session

A few weeks ago, Radiant Core’s Jay Goldman gave us an excellent critique of OLM’s interface and workflow. It was so useful that I’d like to do it again for DrProject, which has acquired several new features in the past few months. (I’m particularly keen to get input on the new ticketing system that Jeff Balogh and David Cooper have built—we have to decide fairly soon whether we’re going to try to integrate it into the end-of-August release, or delay it ‘til December.)

So, if you:

  1. are in the Greater Toronto Area;
  2. consider yourself something of a usability maven;
  3. can spare a couple of hours in the afternoon on Tuesday, July 31; and
  4. don't mind being videotaped1

please get in touch—we’d welcome your help.

1 Because I’d like to be able to show students in future software engineering classes what a real UI design review looks like.

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