To Do for Fall 2007

Must… get… organized:

  1. Spend time with my family.
  2. Create and teach CSC301 --- I know what's going to be in the lectures (more or less), but I still have to decide what the extended exercise will be.
  3. Get my three graduate students (Samir Abdi, Jeremy Handcock, and Carolyn MacLeod) started on their research.
  4. Lose the 6 kg. I've put on in the last fourteen months (moved up from #10 at Sadie's "suggestion").
  5. Get more research funding.
  6. Put together a full proposal for a professional master's degree in Computer Science at U of T.
  7. Get the new ticketing system integrated into DrProject.
  8. Help David Crow with DemoCamp (and try to run at least one on campus, in the afternoon, so that more U of T folks can attend).
  9. Finish the "CS-1 in Python" book I've been working on with Jennifer, Paul, and Jason.
  10. Talk someone into putting together a sequel to Beautiful Code.
  11. Read at least a few of the items on my wish list.