Summer 2007 Post Mortem

We held the post-mortem for the summer’s projects yesterday. It went well—the summer, I mean, not just the post-mortem. Here are the main points:

Good Bad
  • Industry/prof visits
  • Learned a lot (group work)
  • Learning the internals of a large system
  • Making friends
  • Excellent office space
  • Learned that software engineering can actually be interesting
  • Doing something new (building real code!)
  • Martin + Tony worked independently very well
  • Had a good OLM deployment plan
  • No personality clashes
  • Good data model for new ticketing system
  • Group lunches
  • Speed Scrabble
  • Python
  • Learning (self-)discipline
  • The Google podcast
  • Self-administration of machines (fun to do, fun to learn)
  • Hardware was good
  • Regular status meetings were useful and a good learning experience
  • OLM testing
  • Talk with Jay Goldman
  • Sharing problems on the mailing list
  • Jeff Balogh's visit
  • We did it!
  • Working solo on UTest
  • Dealing with Ant
  • Falling behind on collaboration with partner
  • No real time plan for the last month (before deployment)
  • Hardware problems that were never resolved
  • No contact with previous teams
  • Python and Eclipse
  • Too much time spent in email
  • Supervisors were too hands off
  • Didn't get deployed on schedule
  • Didn't get in the habit of "talking tickets"
  • Status meetings didn't turn in to design meetings
  • Interface to new ticketing system
  • Greg's absence (length and timing)
  • The old dashboard code
  • Should have had bi-weekly demos
  • Initial nervousness (a.k.a. "startup shakes")
  • Having meetings at 9:00 AM
  • Not enough documentation (but we haven't done any better)
  • Supervisors couldn't cover for each other during absences

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