DemoCamp 14: Best Yet

Last night’s DemoCamp was a great success: packed house, lots of people talking to one another, some great presentations, and of course, pictures of David Crow’s new daughter. My picks of the night would be Chris Thiessen’s Zoomii, a (very) graphical front-end for shopping on Amazon, and Lillian Angel’s in-the-pub discussion with Leila, but everyone deserved the applause they got. Congrats to David and Jay for a well-run show, and many thanks to the sponsors.

DemoCamp 15 will be hosted by the University of Toronto on October 29. It will run 4-7 instead of 6-9; we hope this will allow people who would otherwise head home to be with their families to attend. Space is once again limited, so please check out the registration page later this week to reserve a spot (it’s free, naturally). We look forward to seeing you all there!

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