DemoCamp 15 Lineup

We’re starting to finalize a schedule for DemoCamp 15, and it’s lookin’ pretty fine. If you haven’t already registered to attend, please do so: there are only a few places left.

Here’s what we have so far; stay tuned for breaking news.


  • Pete Forde, Unspace Interactive: Jester is a JavaScript implementation of REST, modeled after Ruby on Rails' ActiveResource. You can use it to read, create, and save your application's data in your browser-side code. Considering recent advances with cross-domain JSON requests, Jester in positioned to be the glue to developing a new class of client-side database driven websites (without buying into the current "off-line" fad that no consumer is actually asking for). Jester has the capacity to be disruptive because Jester is to Javascript what ActiveRecord is to Rails.
  • Radu Negulescu, Aceora Software: Java ME productization issues using a currency exchange calculator that downloads exchange rates. Appreciation of the 20-some issues that need to be solved to bring even the simplest mobile phone software to the market: installation using jad, configuration without config files, user authorization requirements, conversion of keys to digits, Java ME vs .NET tradeoff, etc. It works on practically any new cell phone and they can install/use it right there! Then they'll use it during every trip abroad.
  • Liang Song, OMESH Networks: The demo shows a prototype of opportunistic wireless mesh networks, which shows the drop-and-play of mesh stations that can vastly save network planning/deployment costs, and performance that can support voice and video services. The enabling technology is the large-scale cognitive network technology (patents pending), where network resources, including both spectrum bandwidth and radio availability, are opportunistically utilized to achieve reliable communications. The demo promises the commercialization opportunities in a number of applications, especially in current municipal WiFi mesh networks for broadband wireless Internet access.

Ignite Presentations

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