Code Sprint Day 2

10:00 am start; thirteen of us busying away. We’re opening as many bugs as we’re closing (thanks to the testing team), but it still feels like progress. Lebanese food for lunch; coffee all ‘round, and our first engagement announcement (congrats, David!). I’m reminded (again) just how much programming is a social activity: like knitting or sports, it’s often just an excuse for people to hang out together.

Later: we broke around 5:15; good progress on DrProject, OLM, and UTest. Best part for me is watching Luke and Yi Qing learn the find art of making developers cry from Adam; second best is watching DW gnaw on the cord for his headphones. You can tell how things are going by how hard he bites down…

Later still: speaking of gnawing, my other take-away from yesterday is how far behind my skills have fallen. On my right, Blake was launching DrProject with Eclipse’s PyDev plugin to test his changes to the wiki parser; on my left, DW was using using Selenium to get two layers of object/relational mapping to behave, while out in the main room, Jeff was playing games with Dojo and FireBug. I know what they’re all for, and tell my students they’re good things, but I don’t really know them. It’s been three and a half years since I was doing product development; AJAX, Rails-like web frameworks, Python Eggs and easy_install…a whole new set of dev tools have become “normal”. I either find a way to catch up, or reconcile myself to watching the waves from the shore instead of surfing.