0540: Awake. The city is still outside my window.

0615: Yup, I’m still sick :-(

0730: Bumped into Stephanie Ludi on my way to the conference center. I’ve borrowed a lot from her Student Survival Guide for my software engineering classes; nice to finally meet her in person.

0830: Half of the final exam for CSC301 has been written.

0900: Stephanie’s talk on a robotics camp for the visually impaired—looks like it was a lot of fun (and very noisy).

0930: Sam Kamin (author of my favorite book on programming languages) talking about extensible software for tablet PCs. Every day, I’m more impressed with the quality and passion of the people who’ve chosen to come to this conference.

1200: The session was called “It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time”, and it was pretty funny. Lunch/reception, then it’s all over—wish I didn’t feel like crap :-(.

1600: Powell’s is just as big as I remembered, and just as—I dunno. That many books in one place; where do you start?

1930: Killing time at the hotel—flight isn’t for another four hours.

0320 (or 0520, or 0620—take your pick): Why are the TVs in airport waiting lounges so loud? For that matter, why are there TVs there at all?

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