Our Own Little DemoCamplet

Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 9, 2008), from 1-3 pm, the students in my consulting course will be giving their end-of-term demos upstairs at Molly Bloom’s on College Street. This brochure describes what they’ve been doing—there’s quite a range, and I hope everyone will find some reason (other than the beer) to attend. (You can also check out their end-of-term videos, which are linked from the course web page.)

As we wrap up the term, I’d like to thank the following people for giving the students their projects and their time:

AdMap Kristan Uccello
ClearCanvas John Adziovsky and Norman Young
CT Surgery Mike Daly
Condor Peter St. Onge
Feature Diagrams Michael Feathrs
Firebreak Placement David Martell
Go Go Kayaks Elsa Marziali
GPU Fluid Flow Scott Brigs
Realistic Sand Andrew Clinton and Jeff Lait
Jabber David Janes
Jazinga VoIP Shidan Gouran
Modeling Budworms Josie Hughes
OLPC Touchpad Mike Fletcher
One Week Out Katrin Lepik and Oshoma Momoh
SlashID Zeev Lieber
Slidy Dave Raggett
SpaceFX Phil Hassey
Spatial Cognition Jing Feng and Ian Spence
Thunderbird David Ascher
weMap Marco Campana, Aimee Holmes, Alfonso Lorenzana, Bonnie Mah, Dave Montague, and Jane Zhang
Wii Molecular Viz Ryan Lilien
WikiStats Michael Terry
Automating Lab Workflow Jessica Wong

I’d also like to thank David Wolever for tech support, and Glen the bartender for always being happy to see us. It’s been a good term; I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished.

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