Aaaand They're Off!

Our summer interns started this morning—we got Summer of Code, we got NSERC USRA, we got ITCDF, we got you name it, a lab and a half’s worth. I gave the least coherent welcoming speech of my life (bad cold, little sleep), our trusty sys admin Alan helped ‘em get their accounts set up, and whoosh, off they went.

And speaking off “off they went”: we have been very lucky these past few months to have David Wolever working full-time on DrProject. He and his fiancee are headed to Brazil this summer to do some digital inclusivity work, but they’ll be back in the fall. Safe journey; we look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  • Cytoscape Graph Layout: Victoria Mui (GSoC)
  • Documentation/Testing: Luke Petrolekas (GVW)
  • Dojo Form Editor: Jeff Balogh (GSoC)
  • DrProject:
    • Admin: Qiyu Zhu (GSoC)
    • Chat: Kosta Zabashta (USRA)
    • Miscellaneous: Nick Jamil (GVW)
  • Eclipse Feature Diagram Plugin: Nicole Allard (CSC494)
  • Web-CAT:
    • Eclipse Plugin: Geofrey Flores (USRA), Qi Yang (GSoC)
    • Python Back End: Eran Henig (GSoC)
  • Flare Dataflow Editor: Ming Chow (CSC494/495), Wenbing Li (CSC494/495)
  • Hackystat
    • Data Visualization: Eva Wong (GSoC)
    • Visual Studio Plugin: Matthew Basset (GSoC)
  • OS161 Visualization: Xuan Le (ITCDF), Edward Robinson (CSC495)
  • OpenAFS Control Panel: Joseph Yeung (OpenAFS)
  • PyGraphics: Chris Maddison (ITCDF), Hardeep Singh (ITCDF)
  • SlashID: Dmitri Vassiliev (CSC494/495)

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