Another Week of Progress

Our students all seem to be making progress:

Everyone has been discovering that coding isn’t the real challenge—getting other people’s software built, installed, configured, and playing nicely is much harder. Everyone also had a good time at lunch on Thursday June 5th — I’m grateful to Professors Kyros Kutulakos and Hector Levesque for coming to represent the department, and to the following friends from industry for coming along to talk about life outside academia:

My apologies if you were there and I forgot to mention you — I was too busy fending off grad students who were trying to scavenge before our guests were done eating to take proper notes. We’ll be having another lunch on either June 30 or July 2; if you’d like to come along and meet some rising stars, please drop me a line.

In the wake of posts about Shopify's support for white nationalists and DataCamp's attempts to cover up sexual harassment
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