Current Projects

Speaking of where the times goes, these are my current projects:

  1. Overseeing MSc students' research.
    • Samira Abdi: using IR to cluster events in project histories.
    • Jeremy Handcock: visual awareness tools for developers.
    • Carolyn MacLeod: patterns of mistakes in novices' use of concurrency analysis tools.
  2. Overseeing a proposal for a Professional Master's degree in Computer Science.
  3. Overseeing DrProject.
    • Steering development work (done by Jeff Balogh, Nick Jamil, Kosta Zabashta, and Qiyu Zhu).
    • Front-line administration and tech support.
    • Writing a paper about its evolution and architecture.
  4. Surveying how scientists use computers for The MathWorks (with Janice Singer).
  5. Updating the Software Carpentry notes.
    • Converting to wiki format (with Luke Petrolekas).
    • Adding MATLAB examples (with Tina Yee).
    • Adding eight to ten more lectures.
  6. Co-authoring a "CS-1 in Python" textbook (with Jennifer Campbell, Paul Gries, and Jason Montojo).
  7. Studying how much of the design of project portals is due to different requirements, and how much is accidents of history (with Jordi Cabot).
  8. Co-editing special issue of Computing in Science & Engineering on software engineering and computational science (with Andy Lumsdaine).
  9. Teaching
    • Updating course notes for CSC301: Introduction to Software Engineering (which I'm teaching again this fall).
    • Recruiting students for CSC490: Computer Science Capstone (which I'm also teaching this fall).
    • Day-to-day administration for our 19 summer interns.

In the wake of posts about Shopify's support for white nationalists and DataCamp's attempts to cover up sexual harassment
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