DrProject Status Update

http://www.drproject.org hosts two projects: All, which is for people interested in announcements and general news, and DrProject itself, which is for developers (and those wishing to file tickets against our code). This message is going out to the list belonging to the former; if you’d like to join the latter, you can do so by following the Preferences link and requesting membership. (There are about half a dozen messages per day.)

Along with the usual bug fixes, we are working on some new features:

  1. Updating the administration panel to simplify workflow. Qiyu Zhu and Liz Blankenship have been making good progress, and this will definitely be in the end-of-August release.
  2. Integration with IRC. Kosta Zabashta presented this at DemoCamp a few days ago; we have some issues to work out with administering channels, but again, this will be in the end-of-August release.
  3. Status charts. Kosta has been working with Jeremy Handcock to integrate a few simple charts to show projects' status. We'll know by the end of July whether this will make it into the next release.
  4. A configurable ticketing system. This is the most ambitious of our current projects; Nick Jamil posted a video showing what it can do, and once Jeff Balogh finishes his Dojo-based drag-and-drop form editor, we'll put another one up. This needs a lot of testing before we put it in a release, but Luke Petrolekas has already started, and if we don't make the end-of-August release, we ought to have it in your hands by Christmas.

As always, if you need help getting DrProject installed, please mail help@drproject.org—we’d be happy to help you out.

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