Tony, Dan, LanSchool, and Doing the Right Thing

Here’s a story for you:

Tony and Dan created as a web-based community for high school and university kids interested in computer science. [Full disclosure: Dan is doing a Google Summer of Code project under my supervision.] A couple of years ago, Dan found a flaw in LanSchool’s classroom management software. They informed the company, then published a description of the exploit. Now, two years later, they are being threatened with legal action (in a rather confused way).

If idealistic young coders who do the right thing get whacked for being good citizens, it’s hardly any wonder that so many turn to the dark side. If you’d like to let LanSchool know what you think, you can reach them here.

Later: see also comments from David Crow and Jon Erickson. Jon got in touch with LanSchool, who said they had tried to reach Dan Servos before engaging a lawyer. Dan never got their email (or anything else), but they are now in touch, and hopefully will be able to work something out.

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