The Thesis Hat

One of my new grad students just mailed this around:

In the interest of fostering a better, more closely connected learning community with a vested interest in the academic well-being of all participants, I have installed a new device in my cubicle. This device shall be known as the Thesis Hat. The thesis hat, like most other magical hats, has the property that one can reach into it and pull out a thesis idea. However, one of its distinguishing features is that someone must first put the ideas into the hat. I have submitted one, so the trick will work the first couple of times, but I put it you the community (that's you) to keep adding ideas of your own volition. Once a week, it has been proposed, we will pull an idea and discuss in an ad-hoc, in-your-face fashion (probably Mondays after 1:00pm).

I’m going to put a few things in, but if you have ideas you’d like someone to investigate for you, I’d be happy to submit ‘em for you :-)

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