Ontario Energy Savings: Fail

We’ve been getting automated calls that start, “This is not a telemarketing call: please call [phone number] and quote [reference number] immediately regarding your account.” Doesn’t say who it’s from, or what’s wrong with the account, and the reference number isn’t familiar, so we’ve been ignoring them. Finally snapped this morning and called; turns out it’s Ontario Energy Savings, wanting to know if we’re going to renew our deal. (We’re not: their service was lousy even before these calls, so we’re going to deal with Enbridge directly from now on.)

So what makes this a fail?

  1. Nothing in the automated message identified who the call was from. If it had said "OES", we would have called back the first time.
  2. The calling machine wouldn't hang up until it completed its message. Good thing I didn't need to make a 911 call while they were repeating the phone and reference numbers three times...
  3. Customer service reps weren't able to send us our final bill or close our account; that's another department (even though that's what the automated call had been about, and their number was the one it gave us). They couldn't forward our call, either, but were able to give us the number. No prize for guessing that they were closed for the holiday.

Net result was therefore wasted time on both sides (and wasted money for them). sigh Why do big organizations make so many newbie mistakes?

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