This Term's Projects

We ran 21 projects in last winter’s consulting course. This term, the 25 listed below are being done by 20 grad students and 19 undergrads. I’ll post status reports here, but if you’d like to know more, you’re always welcome to join us in the Red Room at 444 Spadina Ave (half a block south of College, on the west side) on Monday afternoons from 1:00-3:00.

Note: my page generation script was over-eager; the OLM and FROG projects originally listed here are actually being run by Professors Karen Reid and Diane Horton respectively.

Anatomical Animation Hanieh Bastani grad
Azam Khan Autodesk
Basie David Cooper undergrad
Heather Grant U. Alberta
Eran Henig undergrad
William Konrad undergrad
Derek Kwok undergrad
Phyliss Lee undergrad
James Leung U. Alberta
Dan Servos Lakehead U.
Jason Whyne U. Waterloo
Blake Winton independent
Konstantin Zabashta undergrad
Chapters/Indigo Friends Arnold Binas grad
Alex Levinshtein grad
Sumit Oberai Chapters/Indigo
Chapters/Indigo Recommendations Laurent Charlin grad
Sumit Oberai Chapters/Indigo
Maksims Volkovs grad
GPUs for Civil Engineering Scott Briggs Dept. Civil Enginering
Ebenezer Hailemariam undergrad
Parallel Usability Andriy Borzenko undergrad
Cameron Gorrie undergrad
Greg Wilson Dept. Computer Science
Concurrency Analysis Zachary Kincaid grad
GPU Computer Vision Valdas Bancewicz undergrad
Piotr Jasiobedzki MDA
Anatoliy Kats grad
Spatial Modeling Torsten Hahmann grad
Eric Miller Dept. Civil Engineering
Spam Filtering Phillipa Gill grad
Justin Wells MessageLabs
NFS V4 Feasibility Ziad Hatahet grad
Vivek Lakshmanan grad
Rick Yazwinski TUCOWS
ORM/ReST Mohammad Jalali undergrad
Rory Tulk grad
Greg Wilson Dept. Computer Science
ParaViewGeo Matthew Ansell undergrad
Andrew Dasys Mirarco
Lorrie Fava Mirarco
Psiphon Ronald Deibert CitizenLab
Rafal Rohozinski CitizenLab
Andrew Trusty grad
PyVCS Aran Donohue grad
Veronica Quinones undergrad
Greg Wilson Dept. Computer Science
Reproducibility Alicia Grubb grad
Greg Wilson Dept. Computer Science
Reverse Engineering Michalis Famelis grad
Sofia Passova StereoLogic
How Scientists Use Computers Carolyn MacLeod grad
Greg Wilson Dept. Computer Science
Spatial Awareness Games Hooman Bahador undergrad
Nikola Kramaric undergrad
Ainsley Lawson undergrad
Ian Spence Dept. Psychology
Mingle on a Surface Amit Kaul ThoughtWorks
Shawn Konopinsky Infusion
Nick Shim grad
Tesseract OCR Accessibility David Bolter ATRC
Michael Reimer grad
Traffic Visualization Bijoy Mandal grad
Matthew Roorda Dept. Civil Engineering
Weichen Wang undergrad
Ubiquity Jono Di Carlo Mozilla
Jennifer Ruttan undergrad
Workflows Fan Dong undergrad
Stephen Strother Dept. Medical Biophysics

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