Where My Time Goes

Last week was the first of a new term. The table below shows where my hours went; it comes to 41 hours, which is under-counting somewhere, but the proportions are accurate.

Departmental: Industrial Relations committee 2
helping students find jobs 1
helping students get into grad school 0.5
setting up e-learning meeting 0.5
CSC49X/2125: class 2
organization 2
client meetings 2.5
Basie organization 2.5
meetings with students 2.5
online meeting 1
CSC301: prep 0.5
meeting TAs 1
lecturing 3
admin (setting up teams, etc.) 2
prerequisite waivers 0.5
CS-1 in Python book coordination 0.5
writing 4.5
Research reading papers 1.5
meeting with grad students 3
reviewing thesis chapters 1.5
Miscellaneous reading blogs 2.5
trying to find missing books 0.5
coffee breaks 1.5
geek lunch 1
updating project roster 1