Update on This Term's Projects

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about this term’s consulting projects. Here are a few more details:

  • Hanieh Bastani is working with AutoDesk to create animation software with realistic flesh and bone models.
  • Botond Ballo, David Cooper, Eran Henig, Bill Konrad, Derek Kwok, Phyllis Lee, and Kosta Zabashta are porting DrProject to Django. They're joined by Heather Grant (University of Alberta), Zuzel Vera Pacheco (University of Havana), Dan Servos (Lakehead University), and Jason Whyne (University of Waterloo).
  • Arnold Binas and Alex Levinshtein are building a better friend finder for Chapters/Indigo, while Laurent Charlin and Maksims Volkovs are building them a better recommendation engine.
  • Aran Donohue and Veronica Quinones are working with James Leung of the University of Alberta to build an abstraction library in Python so that we can plug different version control systems into applications.
  • Fan Dong is continuing his work on the usability of scientific workflow tools.
  • Andriy Borzenko and Cameron Gorrie are using a small suite of programs to gauge the usability of different parallel programming systems.
  • Valdas Bancewicz and Anatoliy Kats are writing image-to-object matching algorithms on GPUs for MDA.
  • Eben Hailemariam is writing fluid flow simulation code on GPUs for the Civil Engineering department.
  • Bijoy Mandal and Weichen Wang are helping Prof. Matthew Roorda (Civil Engineering) visualize real-time traffic data.
  • Torsten Hahmann is doing geospatial reasoning for the ILUTE project in the Civil Engineering department.
  • Phillipa Gill and Lee Zamparo are investigating better spam filtering techniques for MessageLabs.
  • Ziad Hatahet and Vivek Lakshmanan are looking at the feasibility of moving TUCOWS mail hosting service to NFS v4.
  • Mohammad Jalali and Rory Tulk are seeing whether we can automatically generate REST APIs from ORM metadata. (This one might be renegotiated, since there's been more prior work than I'd realized.)
  • Zachary Kincaid might be implementing a domain-specific scripting language---details to follow.
  • Matthew Ansell is building wizards for Mirarco.
  • Michalis Famelis is helping StereoLogic build tools to reverse engineer business processes.
  • Nick Shim and (probably) Olga Irzak are putting ClearCanvas's medical imaging software on a Microsoft Surface.
  • Andrew Trusty is preparing the first open source release of Psiphon.
  • Carolyn MacLeod is extending our survey of how scientists use computers.
  • Hooman Bahador, Nikola Kramaric, and Ainsley Lawson are helping Prof. Ian Spence (Psychology) study the effects of video games on attentional field of view.
  • Michael Reimer is trying to get the Tesseract OCR software to work as an accessibility aid.
  • Jennifer Ruttan is working with Mozilla to adapt Ubiquity as an accessibility aid.

It’s going to be a busy term, but I’m looking forward to it.