Where My Time Is Going

An update on a previous post: here’s where the last two weeks’ worth of working time went. I’m including time spent sorting out the house during working hours, but not the two hours a day I spend getting to and from work (much of which I spend reading technical material).

Python book 2.0
E-learning reading and call 2.0
grad students 8.5
teaching (CSC301) 6.5
teaching (consulting) 4.0
managing consulting projects 11.0
DrProject 4.5
Professional Master's 1.5
coffee 2.0
lunch 2.0
organizing summer students 2.0
CiSE special issue 1.0
Neuroinformatics paper 0.5
scientists' survey 4.5
portals paper 2.5
attending seminar 1.0
reproducible research discussion 1.0
misc. email 5.5
university paperwork 1.5
departmental meeting 1.0
undergrad research showcase 0.5
Obama inauguration 0.5
blogging 2.5
talking to industrial contacts 1.5
unpacking/organizing at home 6.0

Total: 74.5

Note: a colleague asked me on Friday about the “days left” counter on this site. I teach my students that the real purpose of a schedule is to tell you how far behind you are, i.e., when to start cutting corners, and how many. The counter on this blog is meant to serve the same purpose: I only have 458 days left to make a success of my sojourn in academia, and I don’t want to lose sight of that deadline.