Theory vs. Practice: Shall E'er the Twain Meet?

I just got a flyer for the Spring 2009 Software Test & Performance conference to be held in San Mateo from March 31 to April 2 this year. The faculty include:

Paul Anderson Chris Gottbrath Joy Nandi
Dan Bartow Michael Hackett Kim Pries
Joe Basirico Mukesh Jain Jon Quigley
Ryan Berg Jeff Johnson Bj Rollison
Vitaly Bulgakov David Kapfhammer Chris Sims
Hans Buwalda Ian Knox Meera Subbarao
Nada daVeiga Bill Loeb Mary Sweeney
Lars Ewe Brian Massey Robert Walsh
Jeff Feldstein Judy McKay Alfred Wong
Bob Galen Rick McPhee Hon Wong

As far as I can tell from DBLP, few if any of these 30 people publish in academic journals. Putting it another way, almost nobody who publishes academic work on quality assurance is going to be teaching at this conference, which will probably have more practitioners in attendance than every QA-related academic conference this year. sigh