Science in the Open

Otto von Bismarck might never actually have said, “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made,” but either way, the same is definitely not true of science. This discussion at is a great example: it starts with a description of a recent paper in Nature claiming that parts of Antarctica are warming faster than we thought, but quickly turns into a discussion of reproducibility, openness, and oh yeah, the science itself. It’s a great look at how fallible, ornery human beings arrive at provisional truth.

And see also another excellent post from Cameron Neylon pulling together various threads around the webosphere discussing the services we really want for recording science online. In discussion yesterday we coined the term “CSCS” (computer supported collaborative science) to describe the whole science 2.0/open science/reproducible research area — it’s a conscious echo of CSCW, and implies a really interesting research agenda.