Things I'd Like to Accomplish (Version 2)

415 days to go; here’s an update my last “things I’d like to accomplish” post:

  1. Help Samira, Jeremy, and Carolyn finish their Master's theses: done.
  2. Get Aran, Alecia, Alicia, Zachary, Jason, and Rory through theirs: some progress. Alecia, Alicia, and Rory have topics; Aran and Jason are converging (I hope); Zak's reading papers with Prof. Azadeh Farzan, and hopefully that will lead to something for him.
  3. Publish Practical Programming: due out in a couple of weeks.
  4. Finish the study of how scientists actually use computers: some progress. Our first paper has been accepted for SE-CSE'09 in Vancouver in May, and Carolyn has started thinking about the design of a follow-up survey, but I haven't even started the article I owe American Scientist.
  5. Co-edit a special issue of Computing in Science & Engineering on software engineering and computational science: one article has come in, four more are in the works, we're starting to line up reviewers.
  6. Submit a proposal for a professional master's program: mostly done (which is good, since noon Friday is a hard cutoff).
  7. Finish rebuilding DrProject on top of Django: some progress this term (including a very fun code sprint), and I'll have three students working on it this summer.
  8. Rewrite Software Carpentry. No progress (which is unfortunate, since I'm hoping to re-run the course this summer in Toronto).
  9. Figure out what to do next: this wasn't on the last list, but it should have been. I'm open to suggestions...